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Digital Marketing & Sales Growth | Tech Implementation | IPMA Professional Project Director | Financial Advisor

Predictable Revenue best practices workshop at Ecaresoft.

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I’ve always struggled with introductions. I have learned that it’s important knowing how to communicate who we are, what moves us, and what is our purpose. For some time it was hard for me to actually deliver a message that conveyed these traits, constantly looking for a one liner that could be impressive or a phrase from somewhere else that could define me, trying to pitch the perfect version of me or what other professionals would like to hear. Iteration through experimentation of the message is what did the trick. What I mean is that overtime I tried to define with my own simple words who I am, what motivates me, and what is my purpose though different versions and with the feedback and response from people I was able to make adjustments.

I’m a business professional dedicated to helping organizations reach their financial goals so they can invest in what matters most:

  1. People: their teams, and the community they serve;
  2. Their talent: what they are creating and the potential of the community;
  3. And the purpose for which they are working.

I do all of this by using the revenue-generating muscles of an organization: marketing, sales and customer success.

I’m a strategic asset that serves the greater good by bringing people and resources together to create value that no single individual can create alone. I will strive to create sustainable growth for the organizations I collaborate with.

I’d like to share with you the experiences, the people, tactics, challenges, fails and wins that I’ve encountered in my professional career, maybe you’ll find something of interest! My blog will be focused on topics ranging from Sales, Business, Marketing, Customer Success, Project Management, Finance, Technology and related with the objective of sharing knowledge. You can start here:

  1. Featured on Mexico Business Health ReviewWhy Should I Implement New Technologies in My Health Company? (spanish version here)
  2. Algen Solutions: scalling a new technology business
  3. Ecaresoft & Nimbo: how we grew and scaled a business from zero to hero
  4. Yell App: eSports project, a story about product creation & finding product market fit

You can check out my stories here:

Work form anywhere, that’s the goal.

I graduated from ITESM with my bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2016 and since then I’ve developed a career in the technology sector working with small businesses and startups. I’ll talk more about those experiences soon but while working with this high energy companies I had to keep my competencies fresh in digital marketing, inbound sales, full stack development, project management, and executive management knowledge in fast-paced and changing environments.

When I was younger, I feared technology because I didn’t understand it and was intimidated by the knowledge of others about it. Oh the irony of life to end up in the technology industry and ended up loving it. For this reason I started a journey to become a Full Stack Developer with the help of a coding bootcamp at ITESM, where I ended up developing 30+ projects (you can review my GitHub repo here) and for a year ended up working in my free time as a full stack developer in a local DevHouse, called Versys. This bootcamp helped me develop a different mentality and mindset that my marketing career didn’t: marketing is a creative-anthropologic-business career and that comes with certain habits and mind-frames; but to become a developer is to become innovative-resourceful-logic thinking, it definitely helped me see things from out-of-the-box.

What I really loved about it is that I was able to understand and have a technical conversation with developers, to understand a broader context for digital solutions, & the implications of developing a digital solution. In sales and customer success, it’s a highly valuable knowledge to have since this enables you to have technical and product-scoping conversations that open the client’s team to new possibilities.

Working as a software developer also helped become really really good at google fu. It’s a real thing, I tell you.

Since working at SkyDrop X (a logistics Start Up at the time) in 2015–2016 throughout different roles like Customer Success (or Happiness Team as we called it), Sales, Product Management & Human Resources, I realized that I lacked a ton of knowledge on digital marketing, inbound methodologies and the tools Google provides. So for the next couple of years I dedicated myself to acquire knowledge from HubspotGoogle Educational Suite and some growth hacking courses that I successfully tested when I launched my first eCommerce site: PawBasket. Today I am certified in the whole Google Suite for Google Ads and Google Analytics, and as an Inbound & Social Media Marketing Strategist. With this knowledge I offer my professional services to small and medium businesses that need a boost to reach their financial goals. You know, just for the lol’s of maintaining highly valuable skills and at the same time helping SMB’s reach their purpose.

The first sales team. I remember them fondly.

While working at Ecaresoft (from 2016–2021) I had the opportunity to work on Customer Success, Product Implementation & Sales for the business unit Nimbo. This areas are very challenging for a growing business and product, and even though my career and previous skills did help me to advance I realized that we don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to our highest level of preparation. So I ventured with EGADE Business School to study International Project Management as a Competency based Education. In here I learned about developing strategies that contribute to business goals, governance & compliance, structures and processes needed to navigate an industry, how to create culture and values that drive motivation and change, and about power & interest to obtain buy-in from relevant stakeholders.

I’ve never considered myself a people-person but I discovered that I’m good at managing relationships and generating engagement, to mediate conflict and crisis, to foster teamwork and create a culture of results orientation, and to develop a sense of personal integrity and reliability. These became the foundation of my leadership style, which I practiced at Ecaresoft leading 3 areas (Customer Success, Sales, Project Implementation), 4 different teams, and 14 people (including managers). Working with the Nimbo projects I was also able to develop my own project management and direction methodology through designing the high-level choices of every project, the goals, objectives & KPI’s to measure success, how to organize people, resources and time to achieve results, and how to supervise multiple projects at once. Today I’m a certified Project Director by IPMA.

As we were more and more successful in growing revenue for Nimbo, there was a growing need for a more professional sales team — and with that comes a better Sales leadership and vision. So by now I knew that it’s important to step up even when it’s annoying, painful or draining to do so because that’s what makes the difference between good to great. So I went again to EGADE to develop my Strategic Sales Direction Competencies. In here I was able to work on scheming our current Sales Process along with the customer experience and identify areas of opportunity, and this lead to big changes in how we worked sales at Ecaresoft (with great results). I also got better at the finances of my areas and what was needed to obtain resources, evaluate people holistically (I added the revenue/cost metric to everything we did), set up better sales goals directly associated with our Cost of Acquiring a Customer, sales Territory Assignment and Growth Forecasting, implementation of Recommended Compensation and Incentives Program, and communication and collaboration (as sales professionals know, we are highly competitive).

The changes that we did to the Sales area were big: Implementation of Sales Frameworks and Methodologies, continuous training & Development (Coaching and Mentoring) for the team, allocation of Accounts and Sales Territories, selection of quarterly key metrics by representative, Onboarding optimization and ramp up time reduction.

As you can expect, my career is being focused on revenue generating tools and muscles from companies. What I realized is that if I wanted to perform at high levels in any company it’s important for me to master strategic finances. So again I went to develop my finance skills with a diploma in strategic finance with EGADE Business School. This has helped me learn to rank the different financial scenarios to select the one with the best conditions, the ability to develop financial reports through the analysis of the basic financial information and the preparation of the revenue cycle of a company, and the use of financial KPI’s to analyze the profitability of an operation and projects.

In practice this has enabled me to help my customers estimate the basic profitability indicators for investments, apply financial valuation for their projects, help them distinguish different sources of financing for investment, estimation of financing costs, analyze and categorize losses & to evaluate risks. All of these displayed on a business plan model.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned while building my set of skills & knowledge is that the first rule of compounding: never interrupt it unnecessarily. Wether you are compounding your investments, your business, or your education, be the best version of yourself. I really hope I can deliver some knowledge and insight to you.


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